Funding Opportunities

PE Coordinator services are a fantastic opportunity to provide fun, impactful physical activity for your students, we pride ourselves on inclusivity and work tirelessly to ensure all children, regardless of ability, can take part and enjoy our work!

Sport Premium

All PE Coordinator events are a fantastic use of Sport Premium funding, our work is designed to inspire students to LOVE PE & Physical Activity by providing unique experiences to be active. Our events engage all students, even those who do not ordinarily enjoy PE, and ensure every child has the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Through working with your students we are also able to develop their social and emotional learning, instead of challenging children to be better than their peers we challenge children to be better than they were when they arrived by demonstrating determination, resilience, honesty and respect.

Pupil Premium

Our events provide a unique opportunity for all students to take on the same challenge, with children learning and achieving at differing rates we recognise this by asking pupils to simply try as hard as they can with success recognised intrinsically – the perfect message for children across the spectrum.

Self-funded options

PE Coordinator events are so unique they will generate a real buzz around your school for weeks leading up to the big day, to capture this excitement many schools have opened up an after-school or lunch time session to other pupil groups, for example from a local feeder school or siblings of current students, charging a small fee to take part. This has enabled the host school to off-set the costs and provide their students with an exciting experience.

Other schools have taken the decision to charge each child in their school (usually excluding Pupil Premium students) a small, non-compulsory amount to take part in the event. The monies raised have then been used to off-set the costs, or in some cases the money raised has been donated to charity, our events are always popular during Sport Relief week!

Should you have any questions relating to funding options please do not hesitate to get in touch